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Lady Gaga takes aim at Catholic website bosses

Lady Gaga has fired back at the writer of a post on a leading Catholic website, who suggested celebrities should not talk about religion while leading a Hollywood lifestyle.

The Born This Way singer was raised Catholic and often shares posts on religion on social media, so she took a new article posted on religious website Catholic-Link personally.

The writer wrote a blog, entitled From Lady Gaga to Steph Curry: 5 Things to Remember When Celebrities Share Their Faith, and discussed the "trend" for famous people "sharing Bible verses, quoting priests, and singing Christian music", while "still leading a typical Hollywood lifestyle void of Christian values such as modesty and purity."

The statement struck a chord with Gaga, who offered up a screen shot of the article on Instagram and wrote a thoughtful reply.

"Dear, Becky Roach Mary Magdalene washed the feet of Christ and was protected and loved by him. A prostitute," she began. "Someone society shames as if she and her body are a man's trash can. He loved her and did not judge. He let her cry over him and dry his feet with the hair of a harlot.

"We are not just 'celebrities' we are humans and sinners, children, and our lives are not void of values because we struggle. We are as equally forgiven as our neighbor. God is never a trend no matter who the believer."

Catholic-Link was quick to respond to the 30-year-old singer and actress, insisting the article was not aimed at her specifically. The writer of the response went on to call the Poker Face star's message "authentic" and "beautiful".

"We must rejoice at the fact that she is having such a beautiful and powerful experience of God’s tender love and mercy," the piece read.

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