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Lady Gaga supports sexual assault victims amid Trump allegations

Lady Gaga applauds the women who have come forward to allege Donald Trump inappropriately touched them.

The U.S. presidential candidate has been accused of behaving inappropriately by multiple women, with some cases going back as far as the ‘80s. Earlier this week (beg10Oct16) CNN’s current affairs program 360, hosted by Anderson Cooper, addressed some of the allegations and featured alleged victim Jessica Leeds, 74, who shared her account from when she was 38.

As more women come forward, Gaga, who in 2014 revealed she had been raped by an unnamed producer aged 19, has voiced her support for them and praised their bravery.

“Thanku to the panelists @AC360 for explaining why women are coming forward now: because Trumps words @ debate sent abused women into a panic,” she wrote on Twitter.

“Check out&trend #WhyWomenDontReport to have a better understanding. For me, it was like re-living it all over again. I applaud these women.(sic)”

Adding to the claims made against Trump, several videos and recordings have also surfaced of the billionaire using degrading language about women, including a 2005 tape in which he says females let him touch them because he’s a “star”. The politician has since spoken out to apologize for his behavior, however he denies all reports of him groping women.

“They're pure fiction and outright lies,” he said during a recent really in West Palm Beach, Florida. “These events never ever happened.”

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