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Lady Gaga 'needed a moment to stabilise' after huge success

Lady Gaga was "traumatized" by the success of her last album in 2013.

The 30-year-old singer's record Artpop hit shelves three years ago and topped charts around the world, propelling Gaga to yet another career high. However, Gaga admits the popularity of the album led to her feeling "traumatized" and having to rely on medication.

"I needed a moment to stabilise," she told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper. "When my career took off, I don’t remember anything at all. It’s like I’m traumatized. I needed time to recalibrate my soul."

Gaga's new single Perfect Illusion was revealed last week (ends11Sep16), and is the first track from the singer's upcoming new record. However, she insists that right now she feels "good" about where her life is at, despite having to continue taking tablets to stay on the straight and narrow.

"I take medication. I’m not saying I feel good because of the medication - I wouldn’t encourage young people to take anti-depressants or mood stabilisers," she said. "I openly admit to having battled depression and anxiety and I think a lot of people do. I think it’s better when we all say, ‘Cheers!’ And ‘fess up to it."

Another milestone Gaga reached this year (16) was when she turned 30 back in March. Reaching the landmark age made her calm down, the singer revealed - but only briefly.

"I wanted to leave my 20s, immediately,” she smiled. "I was like, ‘Thanks, I get it. You’re young, you’re crazy, you’re wild. Goodbye.’

"I find in my 30s, I haven’t actually calmed down. I calm down for periods of time and then I’m actually worse - I’m more wild for a short period of time. It’s a little bit of both. But 30 is fantastic because I feel like I have all the wisdom of my 20s."

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