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Lady Gaga and Joe Biden rally for sexual assault survivors

Lady Gaga joined Vice President Joe Biden on stage at a rally in support of sexual assault survivors on Thursday (07Apr16).

The unlikely pair teamed up at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada's Cox Pavilion on Thursday (07Apr16) where Joe praised the Bad Romance singer for her bravery in raising awareness about the problem of sexual assault.

At the event held to promote the White House's It's On Us campaign to protect students from sexual violence, the pop star, who has revealed she was sexually assaulted when she was 19, performed her Oscar-nominated song about the issue, Till It Happens To You.

Before she sung, Gaga was given a brief introduction by the politician in which he said, "Imagine the courage it takes for her to speak out and then imagine the courage it takes for her to sing a song, 'Til It Happens to You,' that is branded in her heart."

The singer spoke movingly about her experiences after the event, saying, "What I've learned is that the most powerful form of feeling is compassion, so if you can simply be a friend to someone and truly listen, truly lend your ear, even if it's hard or you don't understand, you will be fulfilling the sense of loneliness that has stayed with me ever since the day I was abused."

The Las Vegas rally is the second time Joe and Lady Gaga have joined each other on stage this year (16), as he also provided the introduction when she performed the same song, which appears in the documentary The Hunting Ground, at February's Academy Awards ceremony.

During her Oscars performance, the pop superstar was surrounded on stage by survivors of sexual assault.

The collaboration between the politician and the singer was arranged after he met the song's co-writer Diane Warren last year (15). The music video accompanying the track encourages people to join the White House campaign.

Without Lady Gaga, Joe will continue to push the issue with another It's On Us rally at the University of Colorado, Boulder, on Friday (08Apr16).

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