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Kylie Jenner sends flowers to Jessica Alba following bodyguard row

Reality TV star Kylie Jenner has offered an apology to Jessica Alba after the actress accused the teen's bodyguards of shoving her during a fashion show last week (ends13Sep15).

The Sin City star was attending Opening Ceremony's runway event at New York Fashion Week on Sunday (13Sep15), and was caught up in a clash with a security team hired to protect Kim Kardashian's younger half-sister as they escorted her out of the show.

Alba recalled the incident on TV program Watch What Happens Live, and compared it to a move in ice hockey known as bodychecking, in which players are brutally shoved out of the way.

She said, "I got, like, body checked... Yeah, and it was, like, by two of them (Jenner's bodyguards). I was like, 'Whoa, whoa! What's happening?' I thought there was, like, a fire. Like, I was like, 'What's going on?' But I guess someone was just leaving the building... It was just really shocking."

After hearing about the incident, Jenner reached out to Alba and sent her a large flower arrangement.

Alba posted a photo of the towering bouquet on Instagram.com, adding the caption, "Wow! Came home to the most beautiful flower tree I've ever...! Thank you @kyliejenner you are a sweetheart!! So thoughtful."

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