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Kristin Cavallari is a 'psycho' over her kids' nutrition

Kristin Cavallari's parenting philosophy is pretty strict when it comes to what her family eat.

With the launch of her new book, Balancing in Heels this week (beg14Mar16), the TV star has opened up about her no nonsense attitude to clean eating, admitting she has now become "a psycho about reading every single ingredient label" as well as researching any ingredients she doesn't recognise.

The former Laguna Beach star has three children with Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, sons Camden Jack, three, Jaxon Wyatt, 22 months, and daughter Saylor James, who is three months.

“Once I stopped breastfeeding each kid and we ran out of stock of my frozen breast milk, we put them on a homemade goat milk formula,” the star admitted. "Goat’s milk is the closest thing out there to human breast milk. Plus, it is more easily digested than cow’s or soy milk."

The star acknowledged that goat's milk wasn't good enough on its own to protect her children's health, so worked alongside Jay and the family pediatrician to come up with a special "formula recipe".

Kristin, 29, believes that diet is important to maintaining her family's well being, and after husband Jay was diagnosed with type one diabetes they are both very aware of the importance of what they put in their bodies.

The couple also strongly opposes the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food, and Kristin attributes the fact the family only eat organic wild-caught fish and grass-fed beef as the reason Jay has been able to keep his condition in check.

"I really believe that my family’s infrequency of getting sick is due to our diet,” she wrote.

The reality star-turned-shoe designer said having her husband's hands-on support is key to their success in raising the children well.

“That’s been incredibly attractive. I love seeing the man I love, love being a father," she gushed.

Kristin's debut book Balancing in Heels: My Journey to Health, Happiness, and Making It All Work, is now out in paperback, published by Rodale Books.

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