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Kristen Bell downplays her acting skills

Kristen Bell calls herself a “passable actor”.

The star found fame as the title character in TV show Veronica Mars, and has since enjoyed movie success too. However the 35-year-old’s most recognizable role to date is in record breaking Disney flick Frozen, where she voiced the character of Anna.

After seeing the massive success of the animated film, Kristen’s husband Dax Shepard, 41, decided to get in on the voiceover work, and the pair have teamed up on new children’s TV cartoon Terrific Trucks.

“I love working with my husband, I do it whenever I can,” Kristen beamed to People magazine. “But I rarely work in a playing field where I have a leg up over him, because he’s a really good writer/director/actor, and I’m just a decent actor. I’m a passable actor. So it was great to see him be a little hesitant and look to me and be like: ‘Did I do that right?'... It was nice to see his confidence waver ever so slightly to remind me that he’s human and not perfect and good at everything!”

Dax adds that Kristen could nail a take in one go, whereas he’s needed about 12 tries to get it right.

The couple is confident their two children, Lincoln, three and 18-month-old Delta, will love the new show, as Kirsten calls them a family of “gear-heads”. Dax is also hoping his daughters follow them into show business so they have the funds to look after him in his old age.

“They better be - that’s my retirement plan,” Dax joked. “I pulled in the driveway the other night and (Lincoln) just stared at me and did this insane dance for about 60 seconds. I thought to myself: ‘Yeah, she’s got the goods.’ That’s the foundation one needs to try to entertain strangers!”

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