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Kim Kardashian saves the day for forgetful phone fan

Kim Kardashian came to the rescue of a forgetful phone user on Wednesday morning (14Sep11) after finding a stray cell in a New York taxi.

The conscientious Keeping up With The Kardashians star tried to track down the owner using numbers programmed into the phone and eventually found the relieved person who had misplaced the device.

In a series of tweets, Kardashian wrote, "I just found someone's cell phone in a taxi! I hope I can get a hold of them and give it back to them!

"I just called the last # (number) they dialed and found them! Thank heaven! I would die without my phone!"

She then revealed her mischievous side, adding, "Should I go through their pictures on this phone? JUST KIDDING! But u know some of u would snoop too!!!"

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