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Kim Kardashian hotel worker alleges security warnings ignored before robbery

The concierge on duty at a hotel where Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint has alleged his bosses ignored his security over warnings.

The 35-year-old reality TV star was staying at the Hotel de Pourtales in the French capital during Paris Fashion Week when she was tied up and robbed by a group of five masked men earlier this month (Oct16). Jewelry valued at an estimated $10 million was taken in the violent raid.

Now the concierge who was working when the criminals broke into Kim's hotel room has spoken out about the incident, alleging hotel bosses ignored advice from workers that its security measures were dangerously lax.

"There was no real security at all," he tells Mail Online." It's a choice. The hotel doesn't mind about security. We told them years and years before, you have to make a camera, you have to put (in place) a security process, about keys. Nothing was locked, there was no proper security there."

The hotel worker, who is named by Mail Online editors only as Abdulrahman for security reasons, is now planning legal action against Hotel de Pourtales executives.

"Immediately afterward, I was very angry, and the first one I blamed was the hotel," he tells the paper. "They are responsible, I think. And I still blame them now."

The Algerian concierge, 39, alleges that a door which was the only measure keeping the hotel's celebrity clients secure was often left unlocked and the code for its lock was widely known by staff. He also claims the hotel's security camera wasn't working.

"I told the hotel years ago, you need better security and they didn’t mind,’ Abdulrahman explains. "If you look at that big door, it wasn’t locked, it was open. We talked about it and nobody cared. The code of the door was never changed and everybody knew it. There is a camera in the main wall of the hotel, behind the big red (front) doors, but it didn’t work for years."

Kim, who is married to rapper Kanye West, returned to her native U.S. after the ordeal, and is currently taking a break from her reality TV career and social media to recuperate.

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