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Khia praises Miley Cyrus for scandalous cover song

R&B singer Khia praised Miley Cyrus after the pop star covered her provocative song My Neck, My Back during a concert on Wednesday night (13May15).

The Wrecking Ball hitmaker courted controversy yet again when she performed at an Adult Swim TV network party in New York City, hitting the stage as a nearly-topless butterfly and lighting up a joint, which she passed to the crowd.

During her quirky, suggestive set, Cyrus performed a rendition of Khia's provocative 2002 song and the original hitmaker didn't want her performance to go unnoticed.

Khia took to Twitter.com the next day (14May15) and wrote, "Damn Shame It Took A Sweet Country White Chic To Pay Homage To The Queen!! #ThanksMiley U House N**gahassss Should Be Ashamed Of Urselves (sic)".

She even suggested the two hook up to collaborate on her upcoming album, adding, "I'm headed to LA, maybe I can get #Miley to twerk to my new hit single #YumYumSauce. Meet us on the roof top at the #Standard (hotel)."

Cyrus has yet to respond to Khia's offer.

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