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Kelly Clarkson show ruined by rain

Kelly Clarkson was forced to cut short an outdoor performance in Michigan on Friday (28Jun13) after a heavy rain storm hit.

The singer was just 20 minutes into her set at the opening of a Microsoft store in a suburb of Detroit when she was caught in a downpour.

Clarkson attempted to sing through the rain, joking to the crowd, "I'll stand out here in the rain with you! Well, at least we're not sweating," but officials soon ordered her off the stage due to safety fears.

Disappointed fans were then informed Clarkson would not be returning to finish the gig and she later took to her Twitter.com page to apologize, writing "Sorry Detroit about the rain! Wow, it was coming down hard at the end! Thanks 4 (for) hanging in as long as we all could!"

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