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Ke$ha forced to scrap naughty photos plan

Outrageous pop star Ke$Ha had to delete naughty photos she took of unidentified men baring their genitals from her upcoming memoirs - because lawyers feared one of the guys would sue over his naked manhood.

The Tik Tok singer has built up a collection of snaps of fans and groupies' "dropping trou" after shows over the past two years - and she wanted to display some in her book.

She tells Rolling Stone magazine, "Whenever a man came onto my bus, he had to drop trou, and I took a Polaroid of him, just to emasculate him and make sure he knew he was in the vagina jungle. That's what I call my bus.

"Some of the guys were wearing man-panties - but even if they were free-balling, there were no exceptions; they had to pose for a photo.

"I really tried to use these photos in my book but I think it's illegal, technically."

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