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Katy Perry wins apology over photo prank

Katy Perry has won an apology from a fan over a faked picture message that went viral.

The Roar hitmaker snapped a 'selfie' picture on a fan's phone during a gig in Australia earlier this year (15) and sent it to one of the girl's contacts on messaging app Whatsapp after reading a chat on the device which criticised her singing.

A faked screenshot of the picture subsequently emerged online appearing to show an expletive-filled message alongside the picture, prompting speculation that Perry had included a foul-mouthed response along with the snap she sent.

However, Perry denied writing the accompanying message, and now the fan responsible for mocking up the shot has issued an apology.

Perry wrote in a post on Twitter.com, "I never wrote those words, that is an edited picture or the person added it after I took it. I would never use the C word."

The fan responsible later replied, "I put this together... as a joke with no intentions of any conflict. Please realise I had no bad intentions... If anything it was supposed to make people laugh, not spread like wildfire through media. I apologise for any confusions (sic)."

Perry then added, "Thank you for your apology."

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