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Katy Perry reined in her tweets to prevent overexposure

Katy Perry dialled back her social media presence because she doesn't want fans to get sick of her.

The Firework singer is the most followed celebrity on Twitter with 88 million users keeping tabs on her profile, but she has been tweeting less in recent months because she doesn't want to be overexposed before she returns from her break.

Katy admits she would rather wait until she has new music before she fully commits to her old social media ways because she wants her fans to be longing for her comeback.

"I'm still (the HBIC) of Twitter," she told Mashable.com, referring to the acronym for "Head B**ch in Charge". "I'm not trying to feed the meter so much these days. I did that for so long...

"I think when I come back and have more to say and want to tell certain stories, I want to be all out. I think it's time to take a break, there's a thing called being super overexposed... You want people to miss you."

During the interview, Katy also praised the current conversation surrounding terms such as "plus-size" and "curvy" and hopes that one day all women will embrace their body type.

"There have been decades of bad messaging and we are rewiring now," she said. "Long gone are the days where you are not socially aware. You can't unsee all that crazy s**t and not try to do something to change it."

The 31-year-old, who is reportedly dating Orlando Bloom, is positive about her body and owns the term "curvy". And she hopes that not having a sample-sized figure makes her relatable to real women.

"It's about what you want to call yourself," she explains. "I know for me, I'm curvy, I'm not sample size, but I represent a lot of people out there... That's really important to me, while not losing my mind in this weird f**king human experiment I'm going through."

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