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Katy Perry election night skit cut from live broadcast

The U.S. election results cost Katy Perry a spot on a live TV special on Tuesday night (08Nov16).

The staunch Hillary Clinton supporter was billed to appear on comedian Stephen Colbert's live Showtime election special, but her pre-taped piece was cut when it was clear Republican Donald Trump was on the road to victory.

The mood of the live show drastically changed when Democrat and Trump critic Colbert learned Hillary was losing the election, and the host told viewers and the studio audience he was struggling to smile as it became clear the property mogul and reality TV star was set to become the 45th U.S. President.

Instead, Colbert soldiered on with studio guests Elle King and Jeff Goldblum, who confessed he was stunned and shocked by the election results.

"I can't believe it, I'm in shock," the Jurassic Park star said. "Horrible things will happen to me, to all of us... and we have to figure out how to navigate that."

Goldblum, who was celebrating his wedding anniversary, told Colbert and others heartbroken by Clinton's defeat to look on the bright side and turn to things that make them happy and help them find inner peace, like music and meditation.

Meanwhile, Perry did appear at Hillary's election night gathering in New York City, prior to the final results, telling reporters her conservative parents had voted for Donald Trump.

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