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Katy Perry becomes Patty Kerry for day out at Dollywood

Katy Perry shocked fun-seekers at Dolly Parton's Tennessee theme park Dollywood on Thursday (26Jun14) when she decided to take in the park attractions without booking a VIP visit.

The Roar singer told park officials she didn't want any special treatment and spent her day out with friends assuring fans that she wasn't who they thought she was.

Park visitors claim the bespectacled and dressed-down singer told them she was Patty Kerry, but she still posed for photos with some persistent fans who refused to believe she wasn't the pop star.

Perry later confirmed it really was her at the amusement park, tweeting, "We just done tore up DOLLYWOOD'S turkey legs & had a helluva country bumpin time (sic)!"

There was little chance Perry would meet park boss Parton during her visit - the country music legend is in Britain preparing for her performance at the Glastonbury festival this weekend (28-29Jun14).

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