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Katey Sagal to play cop in new TV comedy

Beloved TV actress Katey Sagal has signed on to play a Chicago police woman in a new sitcom, called Superior Donuts.

The former Married... With Children star took on the role because she has never played a cop before.

  "It's based on a play by Tracy Letts and it takes place in Chicago, in a gentrified neighborhood," Katey tells WENN. "It's a genre I'm familiar with but it's a role I've never played.

  "It gets harder because, as you get older, you're always somebody's mom, grandmother and so I like that she's a cop; she might be a divorced cop with a kid."

  Sagal will also appear in the upcoming TV revamp of Dirty Dancing - another role she is very excited about.

  "I play Vivian (Pressman) and I'm so excited because I sing Fever in the movie and I danced,” she shares. “I got to work with the guy who choreographed (Broadway show) Hamilton, Andy Blankenbuehler. It was really why I took the gig."

  Katey is also getting serious about her music career with the band The Reluctant Apostles, which features musicians who perform and record with Elvis Costello and Tori Amos.

  "We formed this band because I just wanted to be in the band," she says. "I didn't want it to be my name. I'm the girl singer. I love it. I play tambourine, I play bongos, I sing a lot, lots of harmonies.

  "We're just now trying to get gigs. We just play in Los Angeles but we want to branch out, but we don't want to go on tour because we're all so tired!

  "We just really love to play. We have some original and some really obscure covers. It's really how I started, because I started in music.

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