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Kate Bosworth launches footwear collection

Actress Kate Bosworth is expanding her fashion career by designing a range of shoes.

The Superman Returns star has teamed up with Matisse Footwear to create a collection of ten shoes which range from boots to sandals and clogs.

She tells WWD.com, "The truth is, shoes have to be wearable and functional... There are some women who wear seven-inch stilettos and run around. That's not me. That's not the collection. I want to feel comfortable and also very fashionable in my life."

Bosworth spent six months developing the footwear and the design of each one was inspired by different periods of her life.

She adds, "Each pair has a story... I feel I can express myself with a hint instead of screaming for attention."

The collection will be released in select department stores in March (15).

Bosworth has previously created her own online jewellery range, fashion app Style Thief, and womenswear line with clothing store Topshop.

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