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Kanye West joins Instagram

Kanye West has finally joined Instagram after six months of procrastination.

The All Day hitmaker posted his very first picture on the photo-sharing site on Sunday (18Sep16) and within four hours of unveiling his new social media profile, he had already amassed more than 600,000 followers.

Kanye's first post was a shot of a car being driven at night, but the image did not feature a caption to explain the reason for the snap.

He has also yet to start following any other users, including his selfie-obsessed wife Kim Kardashian, who frequently shares photos of her fashions, family, and jet-setting lifestyle online with her 82.8 million followers.

Most recently, the reality TV beauty, who has been an avid Instagram user since 2012, has been uploading photos of the couple while on the rapper's Saint Pablo Tour.

A number of Instagram profiles set up in Kanye's name have popped up over the years, and the father-of-two previously took to Twitter in 2013 to insist any accounts attributed to him were fake.

"I DO NOT HAVE AN INSTAGRAM..." he declared at the time.

However, in March (16), the star indicated via Twitter that he had had a change of heart about signing up for the alternative social media app.

"I was thinking about getting an Instagram but only on one condition......," he wrote. "no one can ask me or try to tell me what to Instagram... It's my art..."

He also described his Twitter posts, which he usually uses to rant about something or someone, as "a form of contemporary art only compromised by people trying to tell me what to tweet and not to tweet... (an) artist trying to grab the paint brush..."

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