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Kanye West fan offers to sell Yeezy Boosts for a kidney

Kanye West has inadvertently given a Michigan man desperate for a new kidney a fighting chance of getting one quicker after the 26 year old offered to sell a pair of the rapper's rare Yeezy Boosts for another fan's organ.

Matt Neal, who suffers from Berger's disease which causes kidney failure, decided to use his expensive new footwear to get a new kidney.

Unfortunately, it's illegal in America for anyone to offer money or merchandise in return for an organ, but Kanye has reportedly offered to give Neal a brand new pair of the pricey kicks if he gives his away.

It's beginning to look as if Neal won't need to part with his Adidas shoes anyway - his Facebook solicitation has struck a chord and now he has Kanye fans offering to donate a kidney for free, according to TMZ.com.

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