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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian 'threatening former bodyguard with lawsuit'

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have reportedly threatened to take legal action against a former bodyguard after he spoke to the media about working for them.

Steve Stanulis, a temporary minder for Kanye, has spoken out about the couple to various outlets after he was allegedly fired because Kanye believed he was trying to hit on Kim before the Met Gala in New York on 2 May (16).

The couple's lawyer has now sent a letter to Steve, insisting they will pursue a lawsuit if he continues to speak about them or refuses to make a public apology to the family, according to TMZ.com.

Steve reportedly signed a confidentiality agreement before he was hired in which he promised not to discuss what he saw working for them. Breaking this contract means he is reportedly liable for a $10 million lawsuit.

Steve, who only worked for them for a total of two weeks, recently told the Daily Mail Kanye caught him approaching Kim in a hallway to ask a question, and he was subsequently dropped as their guard as the rapper thought he was flirting with Kim.

"I had no intention on hitting on Kim Kardashian," he said. "I am happily married. I got enough problems in the world and three young kids, so that was not my intent. She's a very beautiful girl, very attractive... (but) I didn't hit on Kim."

This isn't the first time the power couple have taken legal action over a confidentiality agreement. YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley signed the document so he could witness Kanye's proposal at AT&T Park in San Francisco, California in October, 2013, but he secretly recorded their special moment and posted it online.

Kanye, 38, and Kim, 35, sued and the case was settled for $440,000 last year (15).

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