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Justin Timberlake hoping to discover talent at Eurovision

Justin Timberlake is hoping he discovers "the next Celine Dion" at this weekend's Eurovision Song Contest final.

The 35-year-old singer is set to be the first non-contestant global pop star to perform at the event when he takes to the stage at the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, Sweden on Saturday (14May16).

Eurovision is beloved by fans all over the world and is responsible for forging the careers of stars like ABBA, who won the contest in 1974 and Celine, who represented Switzerland at the 1988 competition.

So Justin is hoping this year's contest might uncover the world's next superstar.

"I’m incredibly excited to see what happens," Justin said during an interview with British television show Lorraine on Thursday (12May16). "I think that's what makes Eurovision, Eurovision

"I mean, listen, ABBA was discovered there, Celine Dion was discovered there, so who knows, I might be at the Eurovision where they discover the next Celine Dion?"

Justin will perform his new song Can't Stop the Feeling, taken from the soundtrack of upcoming animated movie Trolls, during the interval of the live final.

He also voices Branch in the film, alongside Anna Kendrick who portrays Poppy.

Anna used to be a huge fan of Trolls - a toy very popular in the '90s - and had some stipulations about the depiction of her on-screen alter ego.

"I had a lot of trolls, I had the little pencil toppers, and I liked the ones with the jewelled buttons and that was the first question after they pitched the movie to me, I was like, ‘But does Poppy have a jewel in her belly button?’ Anna laughed. "And they said no but she does have glitter freckles so I agreed to do the movie."

Justin preferred more active toys, however, as he explained: "I was more into sport, I had a basketball that I took with me everywhere. I slept with my basketball. "

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