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Justin Bieber vomits at Saturday Night Live rehearsals

Justin Bieber battled through a bout of suspected food poisoning on Tuesday (05Feb13) as he rehearsed for his upcoming stint on comedy show Saturday Night Live.

The Baby hitmaker fell ill as he prepared for the TV gig - on which he will take on double duty as guest host and performer - but he pressed on with the practise session regardless.

Alerting fans to the singer's ailment, his manager Scooter Braun wrote on Twitter.com, "Great first day at SNL with @justinbieber ...so he vomited a little bit. Guys a trooper (sic)".

However, Bieber was back at work on Wednesday (06Feb13) and blamed his illness on bad food - and nerves.

He tweeted, "Think i had food poisoning yesterday. rested up... am i nervous? yep. #outofmyelement but im excited (sic)."

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