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Justin Bieber's monkey settling into new home in German wildlife park

Justin Bieber's abandoned pet monkey has been given a new home at a wildlife park in Germany, two months after the animal was seized by customs officials in Munich.

The Baby hitmaker's capuchin monkey, Malley, was taken away by border authorities on 28 March (13) after Bieber failed to provide the required entry clearance documents for the primate.

He was given until 17 May (13) to produce the certificates and reclaim the pet, but Malley became the property of German officials after the teen superstar chose to give up ownership of his furry friend.

The monkey has now been moved from its temporary home in an animal shelter in Munich to the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen, where he will be introduced to the zoo's six other capuchins, including a newborn named Molly, after a 25-day stint in quarantine.

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