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Julianne Hough embarrassed by childhood Daniel Radcliffe love note

Julianne Hough hides her face in embarrassment whenever she comes across Daniel Radcliffe at showbiz events after he snubbed her Valentine's Day gift years ago.

The Footloose star, who attended school in London, landed a small cameo as a Hogwarts student in 2001's Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and fell in love with the leading actor.

The then-11-year-old Hough decided to profess her love for Radcliffe by sending him a soft toy on Valentine's Day.

But Hough never received a reply and the now-23 year old admits she is still too horrified to reintroduce herself to the British star.

During an interview on Live! With Kelly on Wednesday (06Jun12), she said, "I was kind of in love... I wrote him a love note when I was 11 years old. It was Valentine's, got him the Valentino Beanie Baby...

"(I) never heard back. And now I'm really embarrassed. I see him sometimes, around, and I just turn the other way and walk away. I'm too nervous (to reintroduce myself)."

Hough is now dating TV personality Ryan Seacrest.

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