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Josh Kelley hopes Katherine Heigl video gives love song a boost

Josh Kelley is hoping his wife Katherine Heigl's music video directorial debut will prompt his record label bosses to release his new song as a single.

Heigl got behind the camera for the Naleigh Moon promo after Universal Records executives told her husband that the song wasn't strong enough to hit the charts.

Now, he's hoping her input will make them change their minds about the tune, which is a love song to the couple's adopted daughter Naleigh.

Performing the tune at the Sundance Film Festival at the weekend (21Jan12), Kelley joked, "Check out the video and maybe Universal Records will be convinced to put it out as a damn single because it's already gone viral.

"That was Momma's (Heigl) plan by the way. When she found out we were gonna put it out as a single, she was like, 'Well s**t, we're gonna make a movie'. She did it and she's tough as nails, man. I married my mom!"

The end product features home movie footage and candid family moments.

Ironically, Heigl and Kelley met on the set of one of his videos - he picked her to play his love interest for the promo to Only You.

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