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Jonas Brothers mourn the death of their grandfather

The Jonas Brothers are in mourning following the death of their grandfather.

Fans tweeted messages of support to the siblings after Nick Jonas announced the sad news on Wednesday morning (29Jan13) on Instagram.com.

Posting a photo of himself and his now-late relative embracing, the singer wrote, "Yesterday I lost a best friend. A mentor. A ray of light, and the best grandfather anyone could ever ask for. I love you papa and will miss you very much."

The news comes almost six years after the Jonas Brothers were forced to release a statement following rumors their grandfather had passed away.

They wrote, "Just wanted to let everyone know that ALL of our GRANDFATHERS are OK. There seems to be another rumor going around that our grandfather has died. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Thank you for all of your support and concern but they are all OK. We appreciate you and your concern is wonderful."

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