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JoJo takes inspiration from 50 Shades of Grey for new album

Pop star Jojo is set to shock fans with a raunchy new sound - her next album is inspired by erotic novel 50 Shades Of Grey.

The singer shot to fame aged 13 when she became the youngest solo star in U.S. history to get a number one in the charts.

But she's putting her teen sensation image behind her for her upcoming record Jumping Trains after reading the sexy book which has taken the literature world by storm.

She tells MTV News, "I will say reading Fifty Shades of Grey kind of inspires me, it inspired my work. It's some freaky s**t! I love it!" There might be something on this album inspired by Fifty Shades.

"I think it's a really cool thing for women. It's making people realise that a lot of people's minds are in the gutter, I guess, and it's just bringing sexuality to the forefront. I'm cool with it. I think it's great."

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