John Legend laughs off Twitter hack

John Legend has poked fun at the hacker who took over his Twitter account.

The 38-year-old singer uploaded his own messages on Friday (24Feb17) after realizing what had happened.

"Someone just hacked my account. I'm back. My hacker was vulgar and kinda (sic) hilarious. I'll try to be funnier from now on so he won't feel the need to ghost write for me," he joked.

The hacked tweets included vulgarities directed towards Hillary Clinton and President Donald Trump.

"I can't stand by and be silent @realDonaldTrump. You're a b**ch a** n**** and, if I see you, I'm stompin' your s**t you f**kin' cheetoh," the hacker wrote to the 45th President of the United States.

The tweet to Hillary Clinton read, "rain drop drop top I want @HillaryClinton to ride my big c**k.” Both posts have been deleted from the Oscar winner’s account.

The singer’s model wife Chrissy Teigen also laughed off the incident, after one of her followers pointed out John's bio on Twitter hadn't been changed since the online attack.

"Best dm (direct message) of my life," she posted, as she shared a message sent to her showing the All of Me hitmaker's bio saying, "I have a small penis."

John later went on to defend himself explaining he doesn’t wish Trump any harm, even though he disagrees with his controversial policies.

"I would never threaten violence to the President. No matter how much I wish he would go away. I wouldn't call him a Cheeto because I enjoy Cheetos," John posted on Twitter.

"I did call him a Liar-In-Chief. Then my hacker took over to do the Angrier John version of it all. My hacker's assessment of my endowment was confusing. Big in the tweet about Hillary. Small in the bio. Make up your mind, hacker."

John is currently preparing for his performance at the Academy Awards on Sunday (26Feb17), where he will sing a medley of his song’s from awards favorite La La Land, which he also starred in.