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Jewel offers parenting tips

Jewel has offered up her top parenting tips for a baby website.

The musician gave birth to Kase, her first child with rodeo star husband Ty Murray, in July (11), and she's filmed an inspirational video for other new moms.

In the clip for Perezitos.com, she says, "I'm a new mom, my baby's only three months old, and I'm happy to share what has helped. I think the one tool that's helped me and my husband the most is a DVD called The Happiest Baby On The Block - it teaches soothing techniques and it works. If you have friends having babies give them this DVD."

Speaking about how she helps Kase sleep, Jewel adds, "White noise works so good on a crying baby. I have an app on my iPhone, white noise, that knocks my baby out. What else? I have a little tool I like to lie the baby in, it's called a nap nanny. It's a little bed that reclines. It's portable and we can pack it. Jiggling is another big tip, jiggling makes my baby sleep."

Ending the video with one final tip, she advises, "Don't over-stimulate your baby, take into account how new they are. The littlest things can over-stimulate them, just being awake and staring can make them tired, so really look for their sleep signs early."

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