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Jessie J took driving test five times

British pop star Jessie J failed her driving test four times because she is dreadful at parking cars.

The Price Tag hitmaker bashfully admitted it took five attempts before she received her road licence.

Her parents were in the audience as she appeared on U.K chat show Loose Women on Thursday (06Nov14), and she shouted to her father, Stephen Cornish, during the interview for confirmation that she is now an accomplished driver despite her early failures.

He responded, "She's a very good driver now."

Jessie J adds, "Five (times). I tried to pass in Essex (England). I blame it on the people that were doing the test. I did pass in the end... I've been driving for nearly 10 years now... I wasn't good at parking... My Dad, he took me on a driving lesson once and took me into a dead end... I remember that, he said, 'I've got to reverse now... Go on you do it'... I did love driving but I was never good at gauging time. That was my weak point, when to pull out and all that... (Now) I'm a good driver, I'm a good driver! I can park like a don now. I drive (with my head) really low down or really close (to the wheel)."

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