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Jessie J addresses critics at Sydney show

British pop star Jessie J hit back at her critics during an intimate show in Sydney on Thursday night (12Nov15), telling fans she is not hurt by negative remarks.

The Price Tag star performed a private show for computer giant Microsoft in front of a small crowd of competition winners at Sydney's State Theatre.

During the gig, Jessie acknowledged she has failed to win over many Australians since joining the country's version of TV talent show The Voice, but she is refusing to let a slew of online criticism get her down.

"So I know that not everyone in this room is going to admit that they've ever needed this song or this moment right now," Jessie told the crowd before a rendition of a ballad. "Maybe you'll start crying... Or you'll cry because you hate me and you hate my voice and you wish it was over because someone made you come with them because they didn't want to go by themselves. I know. You hated me on The Voice and now your girlfriend's got you here and you hate me now. It's just awful. You want it to be over."

Jessie insisted she was joking, but went on to declare, "I'm very aware that there is (sic) a lot of people in Australia that don't like me and that's OK."

The singer went on to reveal she felt "awkward" playing such a small acoustic show, because she was originally supposed be on stage with a full live band.

"These gigs are really awkward, hey?..." she added. "It's really quiet and everyone is in a chair and it's really chilled. It's really fun and yet awkward... I always feel like everything is for a reason, right? This is my first ever acoustic gig that is like more than 100 people."

Jessie started her reality TV judging career on the panel of the British version of The Voice before taking up a role on the Aussie version of the show earlier this year (15).

Her happiness was short-lived, as she soon came under fire from viewers who were unhappy with her revealing outfits.

Jessie also recently revealed she was on the verge of turning down a role in a major movie because it clashed with her judging duties on The Voice.

"I've been offered a role in a massive movie with one of the biggest American actors but I don't know if I can do it," she told Britain's Daily Star newspaper. "I would love to do it but it's at the same time as I'm filming the Australian Voice. So unless they move the filming to Sydney I'm going to have to turn it down."

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