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Jessica Alba's The Honest Company hit by another lawsuit

Jessica Alba and her The Honest Company partners have been hit with another lawsuit over their alleged mislabelled products.

In their suit against the online shopping company's executives, Brad and Manon Buonasera have accused Alba and her cohorts of fraudulently labeling 41 home and personal care products as natural, plant-based or chemical-free.

The couple claims that although items such as floor cleaners, toothpaste and soap are advertised as being clean, green and "all natural", they contained "a spectacular array" of "synthetic and toxic ingredients".

"Honest's products are a chemical soup," according to the complaint, which the Buonaseras are hoping to turn into a class-action lawsuit for Honest product buyers in the New York area.

The Buonaseras reported their findings to Honest bosses last year (Sep15) after using the company's shampoo and body wash, but they insist company executives have failed to correct the advertising.

Honest bosses are also fighting a similar lawsuit over five of their products, and they have asked a federal court judge in Los Angeles to dismiss the case.

There was more bad publicity for actress/entrepreneur Jessica last year (15), following multiple complaints about the alleged ineffectiveness of her The Honest Company's eco-friendly sunscreen.

The Sin City beauty's billion-dollar business was hit with two $5 million lawsuits in September (15) over public complaints about the quality of the firm's products.

One class action suit took aim at Honest chiefs for reportedly changing the formula in their sunscreen and removing half of the chemical which provides sun protection, causing many users to suffer nasty burns.

Alba was so concerned she announced plans to launch a "safe sun education platform" in 2016 to teach consumers about the importance of the reapplication of sun-protection lotions.

"It pains me that anyone doesn't have an incredible experience with Honest Company," she told news show Extra. "We have grown so quickly, we are not even four years old, what we have learned is that we need to do a better job at educating.

"Next year, (Honest is) going to launch a safe sun education platform around sunscreen and the difference between chemical and mineral sunscreens - the importance of reapplication, how to apply, and all of that."

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