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Jessica Alba opens up about second child for baby blog

Written by . Published: August 12 2011

Jessica Alba is "excited, nervous and ready" to give birth to her second child and is busy prepping her young daughter Honor on how to be a big sister.

The Sin City star is expecting another baby with husband Cash Warren this summer (11), and the actress admits the couple is pampering the three year old so she feels extra special ahead of the new arrival.

In a blog post for iVillage.com, Alba reveals, "I think Honor is excited about becoming a big sister. She's getting into this stage now where she gets to do big kid stuff - and we try to make a big deal out of these little things.

"She gets to go potty in the toilet and doesn't have to wear diapers anymore. She can ride a scooter, and she can sit in a big-girl swing. I emphasise all these awesome things that she gets to do that the baby won't be able to do. And she gets excited about having someone in the house that's younger than her, who doesn't get to do all these awesome things either.

"We talk about how cool it will be to watch her younger sibling grow, and she will show her sibling how to do everything she can. My parents got her this sweet book called Big Sister, which is one of our bedtime books."

And Alba can't wait to become a mother of two: "As for me, I'm excited, nervous and ready. I've seen my friends who have multiple children, and seeing siblings love on each other is just the sweetest thing ever."

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