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Jeremy Jackson removed from Celebrity Big Brother

Jeremy Jackson has been removed from Britain's Celebrity Big Brother following an "inappropriate" incident with a female contestant.

Producers behind the fly-on-the-wall show ordered the former Baywatch star to leave the house he was sharing with fellow celebrities over the weekend (10-11Jan15) after he allegedly pulled open Chloe Goodman's dressing gown, exposing her breast.

The British glamour model was left in tears, and bosses of the show subsequently set up a separate sleeping area for Jackson. They then removed him from the house the next morning.

A statement from show bosses reads, "Following inappropriate behavior, Jeremy has been ejected from Celebrity Big Brother."

Prior to his removal, Jackson said of the incident, "Potentially because of the alcoholic beverages, and potentially out of innocence, curiosity, I was silly enough or bold enough or dumb enough however to lift her robe as she was leaning in my face. It seemed like flirtation to me....When you say it like that it sounds disgusting... It's not acceptable. And I made a mistake and I'm now in boiling water for it..."

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