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Jennifer Lopez: 'My Spanish isn't good enough for foreign film'

Jennifer Lopez has no plans to put her language skills to the test and shoot a movie in Spanish, because she fears the film would be terrible.

The superstar, whose parents hail from Puerto Rico, landed her big break portraying late Latin singer/songwriter Selena in the 1997 movie biopic, but she insists she is no linguist and the idea of starring in a Spanish-language project makes her nervous.

She tells Mexican newspaper El Universal, "My Spanish is a challenge and I don't think I could get it right because I have to think about the words a lot and if you can't dominate it, it's difficult. I would not act well in Spanish."

Despite the language problem, Lopez has embraced her Latin roots - in 2012, she toured South America with her then-husband Marc Anthony to find new talent for a Las Vegas show for their TV talent competition Q'Viva! The Chosen, while she produces shows like TV drama series The Fosters under her Nuyorican Productions banner.

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