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Jennifer Lopez cemented celebrity status with apartment purchase

Jennifer Lopez finally felt as if she had "made it" in Hollywood when she bought a luxury apartment in her native New York City last year (14).

The On The Floor star has spent nearly 30 years in show business, enjoying success as both a singer and an actress, but Jennifer admits she did not feel like a real superstar until she splashed the cash on a new home.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jennifer was asked when her fame started to feel real, and she replied, "Probably last year when I bought my first apartment in New York City is when I feel like I made it. I used to dream about that when I was growing up in the Bronx. I'd say, 'One day I'll have a nice apartment and I'll have my girlfriends over and we'll do fun stuff and I'll be working on Broadway!'

"Flash forward (to now) and I'm just like, 'What the hell? How did I get here?'"

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