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Jennifer Lawrence turned down Actors Studio interview

Jennifer Lawrence turned down the chance to appear on revered talk show Inside The Actors Studio because, at 22, she feared she was too young to join the movie greats who had faced off with host James Lipton.

The Actors Studio dean, who fronts the periodical in-depth chat show, was urged to invite Lawrence to the stage by her Silver Linings Playbook co-star Bradley Cooper, a former student, after he returned to the drama school recently for a taped interview, but when Lipton reached out to the blonde beauty she declined the offer.

The veteran presenter tells TV Guide magazine, "Jennifer Lawrence said that she loves the show and is not ready for it... We all agreed that she was so brilliant in Silver Linings Playbook and Bradley was urging me to do it, saying he would come sit in the front row if we did it with her.

"I got back to her people and then they said she wasn't available. I perfectly respect her. I mean, she's 22 years old. She's got time."

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