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Jennifer Hudson's holiday home took workers four days to light up

Jennifer Hudson's Christmas decorations took employees at one of her native Chicago's top firms four days to put up this year (17).

The singer loves the holidays so much, she starts decking the halls the day after Halloween (31Oct), and this year, she has really gone all out.

"I was embarrassed, I ain't gonna lie (sic)," she told chat show host Ellen DeGeneres. "My whole yard was lit up. It's like a holiday forest full of lights...

"The people who decorate O'Hare Airport... decorate my house for Christmas, so it's, like, four cranes up the side of my house. It took them four days to do it this year. I'm serious about it."

But her lights display has caused concern among her neighbors, who fear her electricity bill in the new year will be astronomical.

Jennifer added, "(They say), 'You know this is gonna run up your lights bill, so you make sure you turn out all your lights...,' but it lights up the block, so that's a good thing."

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