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Jay Z gives Beyonce OK on clothes

Beyonce’s stylist asks Jay Z what he thinks of her outfits.

Ty Hunter is the man behind the singing superstar’s jaw-dropping red carpet looks, but often seeks Beyonce’s husband Jay’s expert opinion on the ensembles.

“A lot of the time, I will ask him what he thinks, especially if they’re going out together," Ty divulged to Britain's Heat magazine. “I’ll work with his stylists and see if the outfits make sense - you don’t want them to clash, especially if they’re walking the red carpet. So I’ll often ask him what he thinks about what she’s wearing."

However it’s all on Ty to find the outfits in the first place. While Beyonce may have turned designer herself with new sportswear line Ivy Park with Topshop, Ty relies on the world's biggest fashion houses when it comes to finding the 34-year-old’s A-list looks. He’s always careful to make sure her clothes are unique though.

“It’s a fashion no-no (wearing the same as someone else), so we contact all the showrooms worldwide to make sure they haven’t sent the same dress to someone else,” he explained.

Another way to make sure Beyonce always looks original is to seek out new talent in the world of fashion.

“I often find new designers on social media, when fans tag me and direct message me with suggestions for designers who’d suit her,” he said.

Ty has been collaborating with the queen of style for the past 16 years, after Beyonce’s mother Tina Knowles spotted him working in a department store and the pair struck up a friendship. He’s seen the singer's style evolve over the past two decades, but insists becoming a mother to four-year-old daughter Blue Ivy hasn’t had a negative impact on Beyonce's wardrobe.

“Beyonce shows that you can still be a parent and be sexy,” he enthused.

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