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Jason Segel lands second young adult book deal

Actor/writer Jason Segel has scored a deal to write another scary series of young adult books.

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star previously teamed up with author Kirsten Miller to co-write Nightmares!, which became a staple on The New York Times bestseller list, and now he's joining forces with Miller, as well as publishers at Delacorte Press, for a trilogy titled Otherworld, which centers around a teen gamer who disappears into virtual reality.

"Connecting with the readers of the Nightmares! series at events has been a truly special experience for me, and I am incredibly excited to have the opportunity to keep writing stories for these readers, and to grow with them into young adults with Otherworld," Segel said in a statement.

Nightmares! was released last year (14), and the final book in the trilogy arrives in September (16).

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