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Jason Derulo invests in luxury men's streetwear label

Singer Jason Derulo's obsession with footwear has led him to invest in luxury men's streetwear label, LVL XIII.

The 26-year-old has cultivated a sharp dress sense as well as a catalogue of hit tunes since he made his music debut in 2009, and his love for fashion - in particular footwear - has prompted him to team up with independent designer Antonio Brown.

"I've always been a sneakerhead and I'm obsessed with footwear," Jason told WWD. "I was a fan of Antonio's work and we put our heads together, had a conversation that was three to four hours long and we just clicked. Being a fan of the actual person is as important to me as somebody's talent."

Not only has Jason financially invested in the brand, which Antonio created in 2013, but he will also act as the face of the line when it relaunches next month (July16) at the male-friendly New York Fashion Week.

And fans can get behind the project because the singer insists he has to "believe wholeheartedly" in something before he gets involved.

"I work hard to really mean something and everything attached to my name has to be at the highest level," he said, adding the LVL XIII line "can change a lot of things in fashion."

LVL XIII - pronounced Level 13 - has 13 styles which range from sandals to boots. They were created by Italian artisans and are unique thanks to their double outsoles made of leather.

Jason worked closely on the design of the products, incorporating ideas he had picked up from his international travels.

"(I'm drawn to) amazing footwear (and) what's hot in other places in Asia and Europe," he explained. "It's not just America and I'm looking for newness and freshness. I'm lucky that I've been able to travel the world and pull from all these cool brands. But from here on out, it's LVL XIII."

The star will wear the brand during his stage performances, and with this in mind, Antonio incorporated some of Jason's favourite colours into the collection.

"Red is his favourite colour and he also liked textured gold," Antonio said. "He has a textured gold backsplash in his bathroom at his home in L.A. He's a big risk-taker."

The footwear will retail from $700 to $900 and accompanying apparel will range from $200 to $500. The line will be sold via the company's website.

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