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Jason Bateman eager to launch own talk show

Jason Bateman is keen on launching his own talk show.

The Arrested Development star recently wrapped up a string of promotional appearances in support of his new movie Identity Thief, and Bateman admits he enjoyed his time on TV so much, he's thinking about fronting his own program.

He tells GQ magazine, "Without getting too specific about it, because I can't, I've thought seriously about it as recently as last year (12). Having just come back from doing a week of talk shows last week, I was talking to (my wife) Amanda about, in twenty years - when the girls go to college and we can finally move to New York, which is what I've been wanting to do forever - if television will have me, I would love to do that.... So in twenty years I'll be 64. To host a talk show then, that would be a fun way to do the last bit."

Jason Bateman wouldn't be the first celebrity to turn talk show host - singer Marie Osmond launched Marie, her own chat show last year (12).

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