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Janelle Monae: 'I love Barack Obama, but it's time for a woman to lead America'

Singer Janelle Monae will be backing a woman for President when the election race begins later this year (16).

The fervent Barack Obama supporter insists it's time for a change at the top - and she's looking for a good woman with strong policies regarding minorities in America.

"I think we've already spent hundreds of years of having to deal with, you know, the man, and I think we should switch it up," the politically-active Yoga singer told The Hill.

"Something’s not working," the 30-year-old entertainer added, "and we need to try to use a really balanced, strong, sensitive female candidate. That's what I want."

But that doesn't mean she's sold on Obama's former Democratic Party rival Hillary Clinton.

"I would absolutely support whoever is for minorities, because I look at things through the lens of a black woman," Janelle explained. "I also look at class. I came from a poor class. Women, minorities, also those who identify as 'the other- that person is often discriminated against. The LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community - who's taking up for those people?"

Monae is not among Obama's critics, however - after helping the President with a handful of initiatives and performing at the White House, she admits she'll be sorry when his two terms come to an end in a year.

"I think when President Obama came in office (sic), he basically pretty much did everything he said he was going to do and more, if we want to go down the list of things," she beamed.

"I love them (Obama and his wife Michelle) and am always going to support them even after they leave."

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