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Jamie Foxx remembers tragic kids on MTV Movie Awards red carpet

Jamie Foxx remembered Trayvon Martin and the youngsters who lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut at the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday (14Apr13) by showing up in a T-shirt featuring photos of the deceased.

The Generation Award recipient's shirt was emblazoned with the words 'Know Justice, Know Peace' and the images of the 21 kids whose lives were cut short last year (12).

Teenager Martin was killed in a fight with a Neighborhood Watch vigilante and the other 20 children died when gunman Adam Lanza opened fire in a school in December (12).

Showing off his fashion statement, the Oscar winner said, "It's just a little blip just to keep our minds... just think about the children. My daughter's here, 19 years old... We're just protecting our kids. That's all it is."

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