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James Franco recreates Psycho for London show

James Franco has donned a blonde wig and a dress to pose as Janet Leigh in Psycho for an upcoming exhibition in London.

The Spider-Man star, who now shows his artwork around the world, is preparing to make his gallery debut in the U.K. this month (Jun13) and he has revealed the multimedia exhibition will be themed around Alfred Hitchcock's famous 1960 thriller.

Franco has recreated the iconic Bates Motel neon sign, and shows footage from the Hitchcock classic as part of a creepy installation, and he has even dressed up as Janet Leigh to recreate scenes from the movie, including the infamous shower sequence.

He says of the exhibit, "In this show, we go back to the original locations and images of Psycho and alter them so that once again the viewer's relationship with the material changes. One becomes an actor when interacting with this work. Film becomes raw material and is sculpted into new work."

Psycho Nacirema launches at London's Pace Gallery this week (beg03Jun13) and runs until 27 July (13).

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