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Jaimie Alexander having terrible fish tattoo removed

Thor star Jaimie Alexander is in the process of having one of her nine real tattoos lasered off because her skin art 'expert' was a dud with the needle.

The actress, who plays heavily-tattooed Jane Doe in hit new TV series Blindspot, admits she never liked the fish on her forearm - tattooed to symbolise her star sign Pisces - and now she's slowly having it zapped.

Jaimie has had to draw out the procedure, so as not to upset TV bosses who want her to look like a tattooed heroine on the small screen.

"I'm getting a massive fish I had tatted (sic) on my arm, I'm getting it off," she told Access Hollywood Live, showing off the dull scar she has left. "It takes a long time because you can't cover it when you get it done, so because I'm in Jane's tats all the time I really can't get a (full) laser removal, because it'll get infected.

"The guy I had do it (fish tattoo) just really sucked."

Meanwhile, Jaimie admits she is impressed by the way make-up artists on the set of her new hit TV drama work with her real body of art to add new tattoos that serve as clues to her character's past.

"They were really great about designing her tattoos around my own," she added.

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