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Jack Black revamps Teen Wolf for TV skit

Jack Black and his Tenacious D sidekick Kyle Gass brought cult film Teen Wolf up to date for a hilarious TV skit in on Thursday night (13Jun13).

Pretending he had made a sequel to the 1985 Michael J. Fox film, Black offered up a trailer for the revamp during an appearance on a special edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

In the short film, the werewolf character, played by Black, was living in a trailer with his hirsute dad (Gass).

After a callous neighbor, played by John McGinley, poked fun at the hairy pair, father and son decided it was time to get full body waxes and so they entered a basketball tournament to win the sum they needed for the painful makeover.

The Tenacious D twosome won the game - against McGinley and professional basketball player John Wall - but decided not to go through with the waxing.

The spoof teaser also featured actress Rachel Bilson as a beauty salon assistant who falls for Black's Adult Wolf character.

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