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Iggy Azalea invites Erykah Badu's daughters to attend upcoming tour

Iggy Azalea has invited Erykah Badu's two young daughters to catch her on tour next year (16), after accepting an apology from their mom.

Erykah took aim at the Australian star as she hosted the 2015 Soul Train Awards, which aired on 30 November (15), insisting the music she makes is "definitely not rap".

Iggy responded to the public criticism on Twitter two days later, claiming the attempt to "discredit my 2014 accomplishments" seemed "exhausting", and on Monday (07Dec15), Erykah shared a video message online, in which she reluctantly apologized to Iggy in a bid to satisfy her girls, who are fans of the Fancy singer's work.

Erykah then went on to frown upon her own daughters, Puma and Mars, for not taking mum's side in the controversy, and chastising them for their lack of effort at school.

Iggy has since accepted the On & On singer's apology-of-sorts, and extended an invitation for the youngsters to attend one of her future shows.

"Hey Erykah," Iggy wrote in a notepad post shared on Twitter on Tuesday (08Dec15). "Tell the kids I'm a big fan of mom, even if we don't agree where to file my music in their iTunes folders.

"I'm gonna announce a new tour soon, If they do great in class there is officially an open invitation extended to them and friends with good report cards to come and enjoy a show anytime. I am 100% a woman of my word, and I appreciate the apology."

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