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Hugh Grant: 'My old co-star could be the next U.S. president!'

Hugh Grant can't believe one of his former co-stars could be America's next president.

Donald Trump appeared in Two Weeks Notice with the British actor and Hugh admits his bid to become U.S. leader at the polls in November (16) has made the election a must-watch event for him.

"American politics right now is wonderful theatre," he tells WENN. "We're all enjoying it in Britain. I'm dying to know if Trump can become president.

"You have to remember he was my co-star in Two Weeks Notice; we did a scene together. He was very nice to me. He made me a member of one of his golf clubs afterwards. If he does become president, at least we're chums."

Hugh has political ambitions himself, but wishes the media would take him more seriously when he appears on serious news shows supporting a cause.

"I drifted off to other areas of life and one of them was politics," he adds. "I was bracing to go into the other world, where there's absolutely no a** licking at all, quite the reverse. It's brutal. There's no script and you are out there on national television arguing a point on the BBC or whatever against some quite brutal opponents. I had to feel quite butch and manly to get through it.

"I'm not a bad communicator... but that's a double-edged sword because my campaign is about protecting non-show business people, particularly vulnerable people who have suffered traumas and have been in terrorist instances. If I go on the TV it makes it easy for my opponents, the tabloids in Britain, to say this is all about celebrities whining about themselves."

But Hugh insists he has to soldier on and accept the criticism because TV bosses won't have "my earnest colleagues from the campaign", some of whom are professors of journalism on shows, because they're "not big enough box office".

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